Relocating with school-age kids

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Relocating with school age kids can be a wonderful experience for you and your family. For younger children, coping with the new change might be a challenge as well as an exciting event. Your children’s adjustment to the new location would depend on several factors such as whether they had any particular attachment to the previous location, their schoolmates and their teachers.


Generally, for many children, this experience might turn out to be a positive one as it would enable them to travel and see new surroundings. Relocating would also give them the opportunity to make new friends and to adopt new hobbies and interests. The child’s social confidence could also improve with the new social interactions. The parents’ role in this move would be to keep a positive attitude by reassuring the children.

For school-age kids, one of the major concerns that they would have will be about fitting in with new friends, new teachers and a change in academic needs. School-age children would find the adjustment easier if they are accompanied by another sibling in the same school. The sibling would be a familiar face in a brand new environment, making the adjustment smoother.

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3 Historical Facts About Istanbul’s Past

Posted By Phineas Upham

The city of Istanbul is currently the largest city in Turkey, and it is the cultural and economic hub of the country. Its strategic placement along the Black Sea gave it an important position as a center for trade in the middle ages, and the country has only grown in popularity since then.

Undersea Tunnels

Istanbul may have been around 3500 years before we thought it had been inhabited. An excavation of the area revealed an undersea tunnel that originates from the Neolithic period. Though historians do not believe this bridge was necessary, it’s proof that people have been crossing into Asia for the past 5000 years.


Yoros Castle, located in the Bosphorus on the Black sea side, used to be a thriving Phoenician trade hub. Civilizations from all around the Middle East were skilled in maritime navigation, and so Istanbul was the largest of many trade routes plotted around the river. This also made Istanbul an important place for these sailors and traders to retire after a life of hard work.

Constantin the Great

Istanbul was such a grand city that when Constantin the Great finished the unification of Eastern and Western Rome, he moved the capital to Istanbul. He also changed the name of the city to Constantinopolis and turned it into the biggest city of its time. Constantin’s conversion to Catholocism led to construction of the Great Imperial Palace and the first Roman church in Istanbul.

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