Why Wilderness Therapy is the New Boot Camp

Article written by Ez Biz Niz

Wilderness therapy provides all the advantages that a boot camp does without the emotional and physical abuse.

mountains-lakeWilderness therapy programs are helping troubled teenagers get back on track with their lives through the use group therapy along with a process facilitated by counselors in the wilderness. The core of the program is based on the environment. The wilderness, unlike your everyday surrounding, presents a setting that cannot be manipulated by teens that are defiant. Licensed counselors will then emphasize positive peer pressure, teamwork, and other activities that promote cooperation, responsibility for one’s self and others, strong work ethics, and primitive skills.

How Therapeutic Wilderness Programs Work

By using nature as a therapeutic medium, students will be void of any distractions that normally arise such as parties, television, video games, etc. By removing the teenager from this environment, he or she will be able to explore the true inner conflict that has been the root of the problem from the get go. Teenagers that are suffering from behavioral issues and emotional problems will be given the change to build relationships with others and learn to conform to authoritative members such as family and peers.

The Ultimate Goal of Wilderness Therapy

Positive peer pressure replaces negative peer pressure with wilderness therapy. Unlike boot camps or a school for troubled youth, these programs encourage teens to participate in the necessary wilderness activities as opposed to physically and emotionally forcing them to. One can almost look at it as a therapeutic vacation that provides results. It’s no wonder these programs are continuing to have a beneficial effect on today’s society and young adults.

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