Benefits of Education

Article submitted by Richard Davis of Benefits of Education

The perks of going back to school are many; and almost all of them result in a better job with better pay. While that draw alone may be enough to get some people to sacrifice anything to get back into the college, it does not help with the fact that school is expensive. Therefore, many companies and businesses that deal with student loans out of high school are now expanding their market into single mothers grants. These grants are designed for working women who have either been left, separated, or widowed and need to support an entire family on their own. When free financing is available to those who qualify and it can advance one’s salary, career, and livelihood, it is absolutely foolish not to do anything to get these grants!


The careers that going back to school can help or even get started are wide and many; including going back to school for nursing, engineering, teaching, or just about anything else. Often times going back to school can create a situation where the student can come out of school in an entirely different career making thousands more than he or she previously was. This is the great thing about adults going back to school, it truly never is too late to get one’s education back on track and help put one’s life on the course it should be on. Going to school truly is synonymous with prosperity and happiness; so get on it today!

Go to School and Party in Virginia

Written by Relocate to Richmond

If you’re exploring potential options for college, you couldn’t do much better than looking at different schools in Virginia. The state is home to some of the best options there are, no matter which way you slice it. There’s the University of Virginia, of course, as well as Virginia Tech. However, there’s also George Mason University, Virginia Commonwealth, James Madison University, Old Dominion University and the College of William and Mary.

So no matter what kind of major you’re considering, one of those schools will definitely have it available for you. But that’s far from all. These schools are also well known throughout the country for how hard they party. The South has always had a reputation for knowing how to have a good time and their colleges are no different. One thing a lot of kids do is find homes for sale in Virginia that they can live out of while they’re at school. In fact, you can even find a Virginia real estate agent who specializes in this kind of deal. Then, when you leave school, just sell it and you stand a good chance of making money back toward your loans.


When you’re looking for Chesterfield County real estate, just remember the name Relocate to Richmond. The company understands the ins and outs of this famous city and knows all the best neighborhoods. So no matter what kind of lifestyle you’re looking for while you’re here, they can help you find it in no time at all!

Programs for Troubled Kids

By Wood Creek Academy

Do you not even recognize your child anymore? I’m not asking if they’ve aged; I mean has their attitude changed so much that you don’t even recognize who they are anymore? Perhaps they’re doing drugs or drinking. Maybe they’re having unsafe sex or they’ve even joined a gang. In some cases, it may mean nothing more than the fact that your child has just become withdrawn and you’re afraid they’re up to no good (not that they’ll give you a straight answer). What’s a parent to do in such a case?

Whatever you do, don’t give up. There are options other than turning a blind eye, which is risky. For example, you could send them to a boys boarding school. There, they’ll be far away from any troubles back home and under constant supervision. Plus, they’ll still be going through school and studying. So once they’re better, they won’t have to go back and do a year over.

Another option that is similar are wilderness therapy programs. These too remove the kid from troublesome environments and will teach them discipline, respect and self-reliance like never before. You’ll be amazed what can be done!


Do you have a troubled youth who isn’t doing their schoolwork, is committing crimes or may even be plotting something far worse? If so, you want to consider programs for troubled youthbefore they do something really bad. Fortunately, with Wood Creek Academy, you can have your old child back in no time.

Land This Job After Makeup Artistry School

Written by Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

For many students of makeup artistry, it might be challenging to find a job right after graduation. But it’s not impossible. While a position in fashion, film or TV might be a goal to work towards, there are other industries that invite recent graduates and offer the perfect environment in which to grow and thrive as a makeup artist. One environment that is especially ideal for recent grads is retail. Here’s a look at the job duties and responsibilities of a makeup artist who works in the cosmetics department of a retail store.

Duties and Responsibilities

As a makeup artist for a retail setting, employees will demonstrate use of cosmetics by applying makeup on customers. Makeup artists need to know how to create a variety of looks according to the customer’s wants and needs. The artist must also have proficient knowledge of the products they are using, because the goal is to the sell the products and help the customer make the best choice.


In order to qualify for an entry-level position at a retail store, most companies require education (makeup classes at Cosmix Inc. for example) or experience in makeup artistry. Applicants should also have experience in sales, good communication skills, and able to stand on their feet for hours at a time.

Many graduates start their makeup careers working in a retail environment. In fact, Cosmix Inc. helps students find jobs in the retail environment, although the school can’t guarantee placement.

Cosmix Inc. is a leading makeup artistry school located in South Florida. The school offers makeup training in production, fashion, and special FX makeup artistry.

Agent License Basics

Many property agents seem to have perfect jobs. Helping people to rent homes is both exciting and profitable. Some agents work to earn extra money as a second job and others start a business brokerage. No matter what the market, there’s always a place for motivated, professional agents in the real estate industry. The requirements differ according to state rules and regulations, but some general tips apply to obtaining a property agent’s license.

Start by identifying the regulatory board for property sales in your state. Ask about the specific requirements, including classroom hours, which a property agent needs. Candidates must have at least 4 GCE “O” passes, or the equivalent. Demonstrate this qualification through completion of a level 5 Workplace Literacy test.

Most states have approved schools at which prospective agents take sixty to ninety hours on average of pre-license training. Your realty board has a list of those approved schools. Some states or schools may offer the ability to take online courses. Most new agents must study principles of property transactions and financing. Courses may also include appraisal and home inspection, which depend on the emphasis and goals of the agent.

Education is the first step towards obtaining the agent’s license in your state. After submitting to the required courses and hours needed, plan to take the required examinations. Most people believe these examinations are challenging and, according to the National Association of Realtors, an average of twenty percent of people sitting for them pass on the first try.



Kuba Jewgieniew is a real estate expert, and founder of Realty ONE Group. As the CEO, Kuba Jewgieniew applies his knowledge of the stock market to real estate. Find out how Realty ONE Group and Kuba Jewgieniew can help you buy and sell property.

Three Myths about Special FX Makeup Artists

Written by Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

When most people think of being a special effects makeup technician, they think of monsters and zombies. But creature design is not the only job of a special effects makeup artist. The problem is that many people don’t know a lot about this vocation simply because fashion and production makeup artistry jobs usually steal the spotlight.

If you’re thinking about going to special FX makeup school, you will be pleased to know that this career path offers plenty of opportunities beyond creature design. Learning more about this exciting career opportunity can help you decide if this is the right profession for you. Here’s a list of the top three myths about special FX makeup artists.

It’s All Blood and Guts

As mentioned above, when the majority of the public thinks aboutspecial effects makeup artistry, they usually imagine blood and guts. Perhaps a scene from the television show Walking Dead comes to mind. But a special effects makeup technician doesn’t have to deal with blood and guts. Technicians can also specialize in applying aging makeup, tattoos, gelatin prosthetics, and designing other types of characters that don’t necessarily encounter trauma or injury. A special effects makeup technician can create characters for a fantasy film or apply a vinyl bald cap for a character who is supposed to be bald.

It’s Limited to Film and Television Jobs

Although both the film and TV industries offer plenty of jobs for special effects makeup artists, this occupation is certainly not limited to these industries. Have you ever wanted to design characters for a video game? How about toys? Special effects makeup technicians can find work in a variety of special effects labs, including toy companies and video game companies. Other places where technicians can find work include live theater, haunted houses, and amusement parks. Cosmix Inc., one of the only licensed and accredited makeup schools in Florida, offers a great special effects program for students who want to venture beyond film and television.

It’s a Dead-End Career Path

Just because you go to a special effects makeup school doesn’t mean you’re stuck in this career forever. In fact, if you attend the right makeup artistry school, you will receive training and education for applying all types of makeup, including fashion and product makeup. This means that if you get tired of working in special effects labs, you can certainly find work in other industries. How about doing makeup for runways? Or print advertising? The key is to get a well-rounded education while you’re still in makeup artistry school.
Cosmix Inc. is a licensed and accredited makeup artistry school in South Florida, offering programs in fashion, production, and special FX makeup artistry.

Using Sky Probe Systems to Teach Kids

Your Sky-Probe weather balloon system requires some set up before you can launch the balloon into the sky. With the right parts, you can collect all kinds of data about the weather and the atmosphere. Here are the basics to getting your kit up and running.

Set Up

Your high altitude balloon kit will require some setup if you want to get it off the ground. You begin by filling the balloon with your choice of gas: hydrogen or helium. You need a flat space to launch, and you need to be clear of any trees, powerlines or planes that might affect your launch. Remember, the FAA has no specific requirements regarding weather balloon launches, but you should still avoid commercial air space as often as possible.

Payload Ideas

In the USA, your payload cannot exceed 12 pounds. It’s a good idea to include a gps datalogger that you can use to record data about the trip your balloon takes. This is especially important for students running science experiments because this is the data you process. If possible, divide your payload into multiple packages, especially if you plan to mount a camera to the balloon to take shots of space.

Science Projects

So what can you do with a weather balloon? You can take video of the flight and compile it into a YouTube video to share with the class. You can calculate how long it will take a balloon to reach its maximum height depending on the gas you chose to use, or you can record data regarding the weather and approaching storms.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools 101

Written by Wood Creek Academy

Are you facing behavioral issues with your teenage son? Whether he is displaying low self-esteem, abusing drugs, or being extremely defiant to you and his teachers, you might be frustrated with dealing with the problem on your own. Unfortunately, most parents fail to provide their teens with proper help. Many believe that their children are just going through a phase and that everything will turn out for the best. But if your son is dealing with major issues today, it can have a negative effect on his future. So what is the answer?

Depending on the severity of the problem, a therapeutic boarding school might be the solution. What is a therapeutic boarding school and is it right for your son? Here’s a brief look at therapeutic boarding schools and how they are different from traditional boot camp for teenagers.

Behavior Modification Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools are behavior modification schools that help teenage boys with behavior and academic issues. Each school has its own therapy program. However, the best type of therapeutic boarding schools focus on personal accountability and incorporate a combination of group time, individual therapy, life skills, academics, and activities. You might also want to consider a wilderness therapy program, which means that the program incorporates nature into the lessons and activities. Many wilderness therapy programs are located in rural areas of the country.

Is therapeutic boarding school similar to a residential treatment center or boot camp? The short answer is no. Therapeutic boarding schools shouldn’t be confused with boot camp for teenagers, residential treatment centers, or outward bound schools.

Boot Camp for Teenagers

A therapeutic boarding school is very different from a boot camp for teenagers. Most traditional boot camps are based on military techniques and can be harsh and uninviting for teens. However, the right therapeutic boarding school should be a friendly warm environment in which a teen can learn and grow.

Boarding School

A therapeutic boarding school is not a summer camp or a therapy class close to home. Most therapeutic boarding schools are far from home, and the idea is to send your child to a new environment for a few months at a time. There are many benefits to a boarding school because it takes the child out of a bad environment at home or with friends. While the final duration should be left up to the child, most children stay an average of nine to 12 months.
Wood Creek Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for boys located in Western Montana.

Exploring the Many Careers in Makeup Artistry

Makeup artists may be most visible on the set of a fashion shoot, but this fast-growing community of workers and entrepreneurs are expanding into specialized jobs outside of the fashion industry. While many makeup artists do makeup for print advertising, catalogs, head shots, and runway shows, more are finding jobs in film, television, theater, and special effects. Within the field, you can also focus on airbrush makeup and tanning, bridal and glamour makeup, or creature design. You can even go into business for yourself.

Not sure which field you want to specialize in? Here’s a look at the many career paths you can take as a makeup artist and the education you need to get there.

Bridal and Glamour Makeup

With the right makeup training, you can do makeup that is specifically designed for the camera. “Camera ready” makeup is required for brides, special events, pageants, and the runway. By learning bridal and glamour makeup from the right school, you can work for yourself as a bridal makeup artist. Another way you can earn a living as a glamour makeup artist is to specialize in doing make up for pageants. Bridal and glamour makeup training is also useful for learning how to apply the right type of makeup for shoots in the studio, outdoors, and on the runway.

Film and Television Makeup

When it comes to making a good film or television show, makeup is a crucial element in creating the right character for the part. With the right training, a makeup artist can work on the set of a television show, a film, sitcoms, commercials, or music videos. However, each type of media requires different makeup, which is why receiving the right education matters. Standard makeup training for film and TV includes learning character design and execution; breaking down the script, injury simulation; trauma injuries; avant-garde makeup; theatrical makeup; and special effects, to name a few. You can attend one of the top makeup artistry schools or special effects makeup schools to receive a well-rounded education in makeup for film and television.

Fashion and Beauty Makeup

As a fashion makeup artist, you don’t have to be limited to working with models on the runway. Instead, fashion makeup artists can do make up for different types of photography shoots, including commercial catalogs, head shots, in-studio photography, outdoor photography, and editorial spreads. To compete with others in the same field, make sure to find a school that offers makeup for fashion.


This guest article has been provided by Cosmix Inc., a licensed makeup artistry school in South Florida. A post-secondary technical institution, Cosmix offers makeup artistry classes in fashion, beauty, film, television, and special effects.

Sasha Bakhru Discusses Realistic Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cells are like interchangeable parts that can be used to repair other cells, or even create replacement organs. While stem cell research and applications are still in their infancy, there are some realistic treatments that exist today and incorporate stem cells. In the future, we will see more applications but stem cell medicine is already here.

Drug testing

Differentiated cells, or stem cells that have been activated, can help simulate the human body’s reaction to certain medications. Because the conditions must be extremely precise, scientists have to precisely control how a cell develops. Current science falls short of these extremely high expectations, but testing has already begun using human pluripotent cells.

Regenerating Damaged Tissues

Scientists have discovered that when mice with damaged heart tissues show actual improvement when injected with stem cells. This suggests that it may be possible to direct stem cells directly into heart muscles or bone marrow, and actually heal our bodies from within. While not yet mainstream, there have been some exploratory tests where patients with cardiovascular diseases  have been injected with stem cells. The results have been promising thus far.


Stem cell applications are still very much a new field of research. In order for the medical science to become viable, stem cells must:

  • Consistently differentiate into the proper cell
  • Survive in the host after transplant
  • Integrate successfully with surrounding tissues
  • Avoid harming the host

Thus far, testing on these fronts is inconsistent. Much work is needed to improve the efficiency of our methods, but stem cell treatments are here and will only become more prolific.

Bio: Sasha Bakhru is an engineering science graduate who studies stem cells. Sasha Bakhru is currently developing a process to engineer tissues with stem cells.

3 Historical Facts About Istanbul’s Past

Posted By Phineas Upham

The city of Istanbul is currently the largest city in Turkey, and it is the cultural and economic hub of the country. Its strategic placement along the Black Sea gave it an important position as a center for trade in the middle ages, and the country has only grown in popularity since then.

Undersea Tunnels

Istanbul may have been around 3500 years before we thought it had been inhabited. An excavation of the area revealed an undersea tunnel that originates from the Neolithic period. Though historians do not believe this bridge was necessary, it’s proof that people have been crossing into Asia for the past 5000 years.


Yoros Castle, located in the Bosphorus on the Black sea side, used to be a thriving Phoenician trade hub. Civilizations from all around the Middle East were skilled in maritime navigation, and so Istanbul was the largest of many trade routes plotted around the river. This also made Istanbul an important place for these sailors and traders to retire after a life of hard work.

Constantin the Great

Istanbul was such a grand city that when Constantin the Great finished the unification of Eastern and Western Rome, he moved the capital to Istanbul. He also changed the name of the city to Constantinopolis and turned it into the biggest city of its time. Constantin’s conversion to Catholocism led to construction of the Great Imperial Palace and the first Roman church in Istanbul.

Phineas Upham is an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Phineas Upham website or Facebook page.