Match, Relevance, and Connection: The Three Things in Display Advertising – By Ted Dhanik

To have display advertising create an impact, there are a few guidelines that a company should follow when designing its marketing program.

The first idea is matching. This means that your advertisements must match site content if they are to attract potential customers. Sports ads should be connected with sports sites, film ads should be matched with sites that promote film making, and the like. Imagine the disaster of a fast food company advertising on a site that promoted optimum health or weight loss diet plans. Make sure your ad has a commonality with the content.

The second idea is relevance. When a company can produce an ad that can relate to an individual, then you have formed a bond with a customer. For example, if an ad were to talk about the dissatisfaction of a messy closet, where items can’t be found, and nothing can be done about it, then a product that helps you keep a closet organized would be relevant to the situation and therefore, able to connect with individuals who are dealing with a disorganized closet space. By making the ad relevant, a company is able to become involved and offer a solution.

The last idea is connection.  The public wants to trust the people they give their money to. Every ad could be considered the beginning of a new conversation with a potential friendship in the future.  A product or service isn’t being sold. It is being offered for a price. Things such as guarantees and the like can go a long way to make the buyer comfortable with purchases.

While there are different ways to implement these ideas, the more a company follows the plan of action, the more results could be on the horizon.

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